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Biology Faculty and Staff

Lynne Arneson Premed Advisor CAS - Biology

Following an education in the Midwest culminating in a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Chicago, Professor Arneson began teaching students in the Department of Biology at American University i

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Meg Bentley Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS - Biology

I earned a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Northwestern University studying the role of protein ubiquitination and the APC/C complex in Drosophila melongaster. After research and teaching p

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John Bracht Assistant Professor CAS - Biology

Bracht Lab Research Interests: For an organism to survive, the genome, the complete set of DNA in a cell, must be stably maintained and correctly regulated. Given the central importance of the genome,

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David Carlini Associate Professor CAS - Biology

I am interested in molecular evolution and empirical population genetics. Current projects in my lab include: 1) transcriptome profiling of cave and surface populations of freshwater crustaceans, with

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Brenda Chow Professorial Lecturer CAS - Biology

Dr. Brenda Chow is a molecular biologist whose research interests include understanding how environmental signals (such as light and temperature) regulate the circadian clock to improve growth and fit

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Victoria Connaughton Associate Professor

Dr. Connaughton’s research interests encompass the disciplines of developmental biology (nervous system development) and neurobiology. Specifically, she is interested in examining the relation between

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Jeffrey Kaplan Professor CAS - Biology

Kaplan’s lab studies bacterial biofilms, which are thin, slimy layers of bacteria that grow on surfaces exposed to a liquid. Biofilms grow on rocks in streams, inside pipes, on teeth, and on implanted

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Naden Krogan Assistant Professor CAS - Biology

Dr. Krogan is a developmental biologist interested in how gene regulation guides the formation of complex tissues and organs in eukaryotes. The proper arrangement of these structures usually requires

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Mark Laubach Professor CAS - Biology

I am a neurobiologist interested in goal-directed behavior. My laboratory is focused on the roles of the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia in executive control and decision making. Core methods incl

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Sarah Marvar Professorial Lecturer CAS - Biology

Dr Sarah Marvar is a renal physiologist and her research has focused on the role of the kidney in hypertension and the influence of oxidative free radicals in renal injury. Dr Marvar is currently work

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Colin Saldanha Professor CAS - Biology

Hormones are profound modulators of brain structure and function; with influences that span the lifetime of an organism. The muti-faceted and pluripotent neural effects of steroids require that a spec

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Catherine Schaeff Associate Professor CAS - Biology

Dr. Schaeff's training is in behavior and evolutionary biology. Her research interests include behavior, conservation biology, molecular ecology and most recently, human sexual identity – examining th

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Laurie Stepanek Professorial Lecturer CAS - Biology

Dr. Stepanek came to AU to teach and develop curriculum for the undergraduate Neuroscience major. She was previously an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation in th

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Christopher Tudge Associate Professor CAS - Biology

Dr. Tudge is primarily a reproductive biologist with particular interests in the reproductive biology of invertebrates. His research focuses on the reproductive cells and associated structures, evolut

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Kathryn Walters-Conte Director, Professional Sciences Masters in Biotechnology CAS - Biology

“Dr Walters” is the coordinator for science outreach and interdisciplinary programs for the College of Arts and Sciences. She is the Principle Investigator and Program Director for the AU I-CORPS site

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