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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Joining UC

UC is for first-year students who live on campus and are not participating in another Living-Learning Community. Students from all schools and majors are eligible.

There is no extra financial commitment for participating in UC. Note that some optional co-curricular activities may ask a small fee for participation.

Space is limited in UC based on housing, and individual seminars are limited to 19 students. To secure a space in the community, please submit your course preferences early to UC via your AU portal. Once capacity is reached and/or the deadline is passed, students will be placed on the waitlist and accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Please email to find out if space is still available.

FAQ - UC Placement

We will notify you of your seminar placement and housing area by mid-May. Room and roommate assignments will be sent out by Housing & Residence Life at a later date.

When you apply on your AU Portal, you’ll choose six seminars that interest you. When placing you in your seminar, our staff will take into account your seminar interests, submission date, class sizes, and balance within housing.

Please refer to the following policy on seminar changes:

Students may request to change their seminar placement a maximum of 1 time.

  • Requests must be submitted in writing to no later than the final enrollment date for UC, May 3rd, 2019
  • The date of the change request will become the submission date considered for enrollment
  • Approved changes will result in automatic enrollment in the new seminar
  • Denials will be communicated via email to the student's AU email address

Multiple change requests and late change requests will not be considered, except in the case of

  • Disability accommodations
  • Academic scheduling requirements, with documentation from the student's academic advisor

If a change is necessary for academic or accommodation reasons, please email to discuss your options.

You must live with students in your housing cohort based on your seminar placement. Within that group of students and following Housing & Residence Life regulations, you are allowed to select a roommate.

FAQ - UC on Campus

As a UC student, you should plan to attend multiple co-curricular activities and events throughout the semester. You should also be prepared to participate actively in your Complex Problems seminar. Finally, all students are expected to respect the residential community standards set by your floor at all times.

Yes! UC students are encouraged to participate in student organizations, university athletics, community service projects, and other campus engagement opportunities.

Though your residence hall floor will house only UC students, the south side of the American University campus is home to most first-year residential students, creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. To maintain your full-time status, you will also register for three or more courses which will include students from the entire American University undergraduate population.

All UC students will live together on specific floors of first-year residence halls. If you require special housing accommodations, please contact Housing & Residence Life. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Research and previous student experiences tell us that students who participate in a living-learning community have better connections to their campus, stronger relationships with classmates and faculty members, and higher grades throughout college. In UC, you will complete an AU Core requirement in your first semester. Additionally, you can remain engaged with UC by applying for a Program Leader student staff position as an upperclassman.

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