Science Communication Media Lab

Exploring ways to engage students and communities in communicating science and influencing policy.

Science Communication Lab

CEF’s Science Communication Lab is exploring new ways to communicate science that inform public policy.

We’re telling the stories of scientists who have seen their work ignored, defunded, misinterpreted and censored, despite conclusive evidence that the consequences of inaction will be profound and irreversible. We’re portraying the journeys of scientists who are engaging in public education and public debate with a new-found intensity and urgency to communicate how science is integral in all aspects of our lives.

The lab will help scientists share their work and more effectively communicate its importance. As AAAS CEO, Rush Holt, told us in an interview at the March for Science: "Clear and simple is not enough. It has to be meaningful. It has to communicate the science in a way that people feel they can take it in, not just understand it but embrace it and care about it, in other words believe that it is relevant."

students at march for science

In 2017 and 2018, AU/School of Communication film students under the direction of Science Communication Lab director Larry Kirkman documented the March for Science in Washington DC. A video about the 2017 march captures the spirit of the movement’s rallying call, "Science, Not Silence."


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