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AU is Hiring AU Students this Fall - Here's What You Need to Know August 6 Email to AU Students

If you’re wondering about student employment due to the university’s move to a primarily online learning environment, AU is hiring but there are important differences. Much of it depends on whether you will be living in the DMV (District of Columbia, State of Maryland, or Commonwealth of Virginia) or in another state outside of the DMV during the fall semester.

Please visit our HR: COVID-19 Guidance on Student Workers website for the most up-to-date guidance as the university’s operating status responds to the evolving health conditions and government requirements. 

What you need to know this fall if:

How to apply for a student job

Important for all student employees: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Who to contact

What you need to know if:

You live in the DMV

If you will be living and working/teleworking in the DMV, and you already have a job or are returning to a student position with the university, you will continue to work as usual. Contact your supervisor to coordinate your start date and schedule, work responsibilities and any requirements you may need to telework, if applicable. Complete a telework agreement, if you didn’t do one in the spring.

If you’ll be in the DMV this fall and are looking for a student job, see the How to apply for a student job section of this email.

You live in the U.S. but out of the DMV and have a Federal Work Study (FWS) award

If you will be living outside the DMV this fall, AU is unable to employ FWS students outside of the DMV at this time. FWS is part of your financial aid package, but unlike a grant or scholarship, your FWS award is not applied towards your tuition costs. Contact your financial aid counselor about the available options for receiving your FWS award.

You live in the U.S. but out of the DMV and have or want a non-Federal Work Study position

AU has partnered with nextSource which allows AU to hire students outside of the DMV and comply with your state’s employment laws.

All student employees who live and telework outside of the DMV this fall, regardless if you are a new hire or returning student employee, will be hired by nextSource (they will be your Employer of Record*). You will be required to complete nextSource’s new hire paperwork, an automated process which includes completing federal and state tax withholding and I-9 forms. You will submit times heets, if applicable, through nextSource, and receive your paychecks and W-2 from nextSource.

Other aspects of working at AU will stay the same – AU departments will select, appoint and supervise students working in university departments. You will continue to have access to the AU systems needed to do your job. Contact your supervisor to coordinate your start date and schedule, work responsibilities and any requirements you may need to telework.

If you are interested in a student job this fall, see the How to apply for a student job section of this email.

You live outside of the U.S.

If you reside outside of the United States, you will not be able to hold a student job through AU. For graduate students with stipends, departments will consider alternatives on an individual basis.

How to apply for a student job

Start applying as soon as you can

Most of our student jobs this fall will be remote positions. The jobs listed on the student job board will identify if they are in person only, remote only, or flexible (some combination of both in person and remote) in the “Additional Candidate Requirements” section of the position description. If this is not clear from the posting, please check with the hiring manager.

Information about student employment will be posted at You can expect to see positions posted during the month of August on the student job board. Check for new listings regularly and apply often. Positions fill up fast so be prepared to apply to many of them until you hear back.

DMV students with FWS awards, attend the FWS Job Fairs on August 26 and August 27

If you have an FWS award and reside in the DMV, attend Parts 1 & 2 of the virtual FWS job fair. Part 1 on August 26th allows you to network with non-profit FWS hirers and Part 2 on August 27th connects you with campus departmental hirers. Both parts will be hosted remotely. Be on the lookout for a registration invitation through Handshake. For more information on using/claiming your Handshake account visit

NOTE: You should also be checking the student job boards regularly for posted positions in addition to participating in the FWS Job Fair.

Important for all student employees: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

To begin working, your I-9 documentation is a federal requirement and must be completed, whether you are working in or out of the DMV, within three (3) days of your start date. You will need to have ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS (not copies) with you in person wherever you are fill out the I-9 form. Some commonly used documents are:

  • US Passport
  • State ID
  • Social Security Card

Full list of acceptable I-9 documents

Completing the I-9 form is a two-part process. You will receive a digital pre-boarding packet either from AU or nextSource which will contain the first part of the I-9. Once you have submitted the first part of your I-9, you need to make an appointment to present your original documents for visual confirmation to complete the I-9.  

Who to contact

For more information, please contact:

*An Employer of Record serves as the legal employer of an individual and that employee performs work for American University. An Employer of Record will handle personnel functions including payroll, taxes, time sheet administration and other transactions on behalf of AU for workers that deliver services (work/telework) outside the DMV.