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American University Office of Human Resources Policies & Procedures

American University Sick Leave and Leave Share Policies

February 3, 2020

Dear AU Colleagues,

We are pleased to share updates to two Human Resources policies to enhance our support for full-time staff, eligible part-time staff, and library faculty who seek to take paid time off for parental and family leave. These changes are effective as of January 24, 2020, and impact the Sick Leave and Leave Share policies. The policy changes were developed in response to feedback from the community requesting assistance with leave during medical issues or family events. These changes are a part of our ongoing efforts to provide a supportive and inclusive workplace and improve how AU works.

Over the next few months the university will be preparing for the implementation of the DC Universal Paid Leave Act, which is scheduled to start providing benefits to employees of DC employers including American University in July 2020. Attached is information on DC Universal Paid Leave Act or you can visit The Office of Paid Family Leave's website. Accordingly, please note that further policy revisions may be implemented later this year.

We wish to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ staff and faculty affinity group and the University Benefit Advisory Project Team for their suggestions and partnership for these changes.

Sick and Safe Leave Policy

The Sick and Safe Leave policy has been updated to allow for up to 40 days (previously 35 days) of continuous or intermittent leave for all parents, on an approved Family and Medical Leave (FML) following the birth or adoption of a child.

Leave Share Policy

The Leave Share policy has been updated to allow for the opportunity to receive sick leave donations in addition to annual leave donations for an approved Family and Medical Leave (FML) absence of up to eight (8) weeks for child bonding following the birth, adoption of a child or foster care placement of a child up to age 18 and for up to six (6) weeks for the care of an ill family member. Previously, leave donations were only for employees approved for Short Term Disability, and only annual leave could be donated. This new change broadens the coverage to all employees approved for Family Medical Leave for child bonding and for care of an ill family member.

Eligible AU employees can now donate up to 70 hours of accrued sick leave per year into a Leave Share Pool that will be used to cover leave donation requests for employees who would otherwise need to go on leave without pay.

Please read these policies carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact to learn more about your options.


Beth Muha