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People of Color Faculty & Staff Affinity Group

People of Color Faculty & Staff Affinity Group

Our Mission

In line with American University’s goals to Inclusive excellence, the People of Color (POC) Faculty and Staff Affinity Group aims to create a supportive community of training, learning, advocacy and radical self-care for faculty, staff, and educators of color. We use the umbrella term “people of color” intentionally with the purpose of creating a broad space for all people who identify as members of racially and/or ethnically marginalized groups.

*We welcome and celebrate the nuances, differences, and shared experiences of our members, recognizing that navigating these complexities are the foundation of building authentic relationships, learning, and community. We welcome all who identify as folks of color- whether adoptees, multiracial, native born, refugees, and individuals with immigration status in North America (adapted from Yes! World API Jan 2018).

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