About CCPS


The Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS) serves scholars, students, policymakers and the public by propelling actionable research, providing public education and promoting a more reasonable democratic square. Since 1979, CCPS's faculty, research fellows, executives in residence and students have completed hundreds of research projects, which have been broadly distributed as books, scientific research articles, popular press articles, video documentaries and audio stories. Many of these projects have enjoyed external support, totaling over $50 million. CCPS also publishes Congress and the Presidency, and it administers four institutes: the Campaign Management Institute, the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, the European Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, and the Legislative Negotiation Institute. Finally, CCPS has hosted over 350 public symposia and conferences that bring together policymakers, politicos, researchers, journalists, and other public intellectuals to contemplate pressing political and policy issues.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to strengthen the democratic square through research, public events, and hands-on training programs. We expect to lead the academy in this pursuit.


  • Intellectual Vitality
  • Analytical Rigor and Transparency
  • Practical Relevance
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity


2019-2020 Annual Review

  • Generate scientifically rigorous and practically applicable research
  • Equip political scientists with new data resources and other analytic tools
  • Host conferences/workshops to boost intellectual exchange and collaboration
  • Educate the public through events and issue forums
  • Empower students with hands-on research training
  • Train political professionals through the Campaign Management Institute, the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, the European Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, the Legislative Negotiation Institute and the Survey Research Institute
  • Publish the political science journal Congress and the Presidency
  • Sponsor post-doctoral research fellowships