Research: Campaigns & Elections

Elections are arguably the single most important event in American democratic life, an opportunity for Americans to both give their consent to be governed and to hold their representatives accountable for past performance. Democratic elections are, or should be, competitive events. Yet, while we expect vigorous campaigning focused on securing victory, we also expect campaigns and candidates to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the high offices they pursue. Here you will find materials that CCPS has produced on campaigns and elections.


CCPS co-produced two videos with British Broadcasting Corporation's project--a publicly funded distance learning initiative established in 1969. There are about 180,000 students enrolled and about 3 million alumni. These videos were prodcast on the BBC:

Data Sets

As part of the Improving Campaign Conduct project, the Center's scholars collected election data on the 2000 election results from every state, broken down by precinct and county. The data sets are posted here.


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