Campaigns & Elections

Dennis Moore campaignElections are arguably the single most important event in American democratic life, an opportunity for Americans to both give their consent to be governed and to hold their representatives accountable for past performance. Democratic elections are, or should be, competitive events. Yet, while we expect vigorous campaigning focused on securing victory, we also expect campaigns and candidates to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the high offices they pursue. Here you will find materials that CCPS has produced on campaigns and elections.

Publications By Year

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"Electing Asian Americans: Solidarity v. Diversity"
For this ongoing project, David Lublin has worked with students to gather information on the growing numbers of Asian Americans elected to state legislative and congressional office from 2011 through 2018, including the national origin of these officials. Preliminary analysis suggests that higher levels of national origin diversity within the Asian community present no barrier to Asian American electoral victories. In contrast, racial diversity within the larger community can provide a helpful boost to Asian Americans seeking election.

Leighley, J. E., & Nagler, J. (2014). Who votes now?: Demographics, issues, inequality and turnout in the United States. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

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