Annual Review: 2017-2018

The inaugural year of Professor Barker’s directorship was active and productive. Specifically, from September to June, we:

  • Sponsored or co-sponsored 8 events (2017 and 2018) and 1 national conference
  • Received 3 new grants, including one from the National Science Foundation
  • Finalized One Nation, Two Realities: Dueling Facts & American Democracy (Oxford U. Press)
  • Completed 2 other research projects, and initiated 2 more
  • Completed 2 new data collections, supporting faculty colleagues and SPA students
  • Published 6 blog posts on The Monkey Cage, The Conversation, and Mischiefs of Faction
  • Added over a dozen new CCPS fellows
  • Supported 2 visiting scholars (including a Fulbright Scholar) and 6 graduate students
  • Initiated the Madison Prize and the Barbara Sinclair Lecture
  • Began work on a new bipartisan congressional internship program
  • Sponsored a student-led voter registration drive