CCPS Staff

Ryan Detamble

Graduate Research Assistant


Elisabeth St. Onge

Assistant Director of the Campaign Management Institute

Sophie Frantz

Assistant Director for the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute

Valeria Ojeda-Avitia

Assistant Director for the European Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute

Headshot of Valeria Ojeda-Avitia.

Valeria is a Federal Practice Analyst at PSB working on the Census Bureau 2020 communications contract. As an analyst, Valeria conducts focus groups among at-risk populations around the country to better understand how to increase the US response rate.


Hannah Purkey

Program Coordinator, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies


Aaron Stuvland

Managing Editor for Congress & the Presidency

Aaron StuvlandAaron is a Ph.D. Candidate in political science at George Mason University's Schar School of Policy & Government just outside Washington, DC. Research interests include populism/extremism, parties and party systems, religion and politics, text analysis, and political science pedagogy. His dissertation research combines human and computer based coding of political speeches to determine the temporal effects of populist rhetoric within and between parties in several Western democracies.