Weekend Workshops Course Calendar 2019-2020

Virtual Sessions
Fall 2019 Course (credits) Dates Professor
GOVT 521.001 Campaign Management Institute: Evolving the Digital Campaign (1) Oct. 19 & Oct. 26 Nelson
GOVT 524.001 The Art and Craft of Lobbying: The Use of the Internet in Advocacy Campaigns (1) Step. 7 & Sept. 14 Rosenblatt
GOVT 524.002 The Art and Craft of Lobbying: Managing Advocacy Campaigns (1) Oct. 5 and Oct. 12 Griffin
Virtual Sessions
Spring 2020 Course (credits) Dates Professor
GOVT 524.003 The Art and Craft of Lobbying: Ethics and Lobbying (1) Feb. 7 & Feb. 15 Thurber
GOVT 521.002 Campaign Management Institute Jan. 25 & Feb. 1 Nelson
GOVT 521.003 Campaign Management Institute: GOTV 2020 (1) Feb. 22 & Feb. 29 Nelson

Please note that weekend workshops are open to AU students only. Registration information can be found here.

James Thurber, middle, sits in the Campaign Management Institute classroom.

A Winning Strategy

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