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Jeffrey Adler Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Jeffrey Adler conducts research mainly in harmonic analysis and representation theory (which can be thought of as the study of symmetry from a formal point of view), and also occasionally supervises u

  (202) 885-3361

Last name starts with B

Maria Barouti Director of the Online MS in Data Science Program and Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Online Partner Programs (OLP)

Maria Barouti is a Machine Learning educator, with teaching experience in Data Science courses such as Statistical Machine Learning, Regression, Programing in R and Data Science Applications. Also, sh

  (202) 885-3132

Zois Boukouvalas Assistant Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Dr. Boukouvalas' research focuses on the development of interpretable machine learning models and algorithms for the analysis of big multi-modal data, by combining aspects from information geometry, m

Last name starts with C

Stephen Casey Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Stephen Casey is a founding member of the Editorial Board for Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing (STSIP) and an Associate Editor of The Journal of Signal and Image Processing. He was chair

  (202) 885-3126

Andrea Correll Senior Administrative Assistant CAS | Math and Statistics

Andrea completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, where she majored in English and studied abroad with Semester at Sea. She was an AmeriCorps *NCCC volunteer in Louisiana and ta

Kristina Crona Associate Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Dr. Crona's research area is mathematical evolutionary biology, with focus on adaptation. An important application is antimicrobial drug resistance, where the goal is to predict, prevent and manage dr

  (202) 885-3182

Last name starts with D

Donna Dietz Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

Dr. Dietz completed her Master's degree at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and her PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. She has taught Mathematics and Computer Science i

  (202) 885-6804

Last name starts with E

Artur Elezi Associate Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Prior to joining AU in 2002, Dr Elezi held postdoctoral positions at Stanford University and Brigham Young University. His training is in applications of Algebraic Geometry in High Energy Physics, esp

  (202) 885-3119

Last name starts with G

David Gerard Assistant Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

David obtained a bachelor's in Mathematics and Molecular Genetics, followed by a master's in Statistics at The Ohio State University before pursuing a PhD in Statistics at the University of Washington

Jeff Gill Distinguished Professor SPA | Government

Jeff Gill is Distinguished Professor of Government and of Mathematics & Statistics. He is also a member of the Center for Neuroscience and Behavior and the inaugural Director at SPA's

  (202) 885-6275

Mary Gray Distinguished Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

A statistician and lawyer, Professor Gray’s areas of research include applications of statistics to human rights, economic equity, legal issues, and education. She is the founder of the Association fo

  (202) 885-3171

Last name starts with H

Jeffrey Hakim Professor and Department Chair, Math & Statistics CAS | Math and Statistics

Jeffrey Hakim’s research primarily lies within the broad mathematical areas of representation theory and harmonic analysis. Most recently, he has focused on supercuspidal representations and symmetric

  (202) 885-3131

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Aleka Kapatou Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

Alexandra (Aleka) Kapatou grew up in the sunny, Mediterranean country of Greece. Her studies in Greece included mathematics, architectural drawing, freehand drawing, and geology. After arriving in the

  (202) 885-6471

Michael Keynes Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

After obtaining a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Washington studying representation of real reductive Lie groups, Dr. Keynes was an NSF postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley studying mathemati

  (202) 885-3151

Last name starts with L

Joshua Lansky Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Dr. Lansky attended Brown University as an undergraduate. He graduated magna cum laude with Honors in 1993 with an ScB degree in mathematics and physics. He did his graduate study in mathematics at Ha

  (202) 885-3687

Mike Limarzi Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

Mike Limarzi earned his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 2011 focusing in algebraic number theory. He received his bachelor's degree from Georgetown University, spending a semester abroad in Flo

  (202) 885-3146

Jun Lu Associate Professor CAS | Math and Statistics

Jun Lu got his Bachelor's degree in statistics from East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, his hometown. he then went to University of Missouri-Columbia, from where he received his Ph.D. in

  (202) 885-3042

Last name starts with M

Betty Malloy Professor and Director of the Data Science Programs CAS | Math and Statistics

I am an applied statistician with a primary focus in biostatistics. My main interest is in applications to occupational and environmental health settings, although I have had the privilege of working

  (202) 885-3614

Nimai Mehta Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

As an economist and statistician, Professor Mehta’s area of research is on the quality and use of data under varying institutional contexts. He is the lead coordinator of a multidisciplinary effort at

  (202) 885-3017

Jaime Miller Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Math and Statistics

Jaime Miller began teaching at American University in Fall 2006 after completing separate master's degrees in Mathematics and Education. Her graduate research included work in the areas of Differentia

  (202) 885-3685

Last name starts with R

Richard Ressler Sr Professorial Lecturer and Associate Director of the Data Science Programs CAS | Math and Statistics

I joined the Mathematics and Statistics Department in 2019 after over 20 years in the strategy and technology consulting industry and a previous 20 years as an officer in the US Army. I enjoy teaching

  (202) 885-6472

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