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More than 80 researchers and instructors at AU focus their work in large measure on Latin America and/or Latino populations residing in the United States, and President Sylvia Burwell and Provost Peter Starr have identified Latin American and Latino Studies as a top priority for expansion during the years ahead. As a campus-wide Center, CLALS draws on scholarship and training activities undertaken in all of the university's Schools and Colleges. Please explore the profiles of our affiliate faculty; affiliates in the Washington College of Law are listed separately.

Last name starts with A

Robert Albro Research Associate Professor Center for Latin American/Latino Studies

Trained in sociocultural anthropology, Dr. Robert Albro has maintained a long-term ethnographic focus on urban and indigenous politics in Bolivia. He is also an expert on Latin American social and ind

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Patricia Aufderheide University Professor SOC - School of Communication

Patricia Aufderheide is University Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C. She founded the School's Center for Media & Social Impac

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Last name starts with B

Richard Bennett Professor and Department Chair, Justice Law & Criminology SPA - Justice, Law and Criminology

Professor Bennett's research interests include comparative criminology, comparative criminal justice, and police organization and procedures. He has published extensively in the area of cross-national

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Kim Blankenship Associate Dean for Research, CAS CAS - Sociology

Kim M. Blankenship, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core of the District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research. She previously served

  (202) 885-6211

Robert Blecker Professor CAS - Economics

Professor Blecker’s research interests include international trade, open economy macroeconomics, global trade imbalances, economic integration in North America, the Mexican economy, the limits to expo

  (202) 885-3767

Marcelo Bohrt Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Marcelo Bohrt is a sociologist interested in racial politics and statecraft in the Americas. His primary area of research ethnographically investigates the coloniality of state bureaucracies, or how c

  (202) 885-6701

Philip Brenner Prof Emeritus

Dr. Philip Brenner has published widely on U.S./Cuba relations, U.S./Latin American relations, contemporary U.S. foreign policy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. His most recent book is Cuba Libre: A 500

  (202) 885-1605

Robin Broad Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Robin Broad, Professor of International Development, established and heads SIS’s International Development Program’s unique curricular offerings on economic globalization and development and on en

  (202) 885-1478

Last name starts with C

Charles Call Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Call, an associate professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution, focuses on post-war peacebuilding, statebuilding, democratization, human rights and police and justice

  (202) 885-1693

Marcy Campos Director, Center for Community Engagement & Service Ctr for Community Engagement and Svc

Marcy Fink Campos joined AU’s Center for Community Engagement & Service in 2004. As Director, she oversees all office programs and serves as the liaison to the Office of Campus Life, Academic Affairs,

  (202) 885-1551

Ernesto Castaneda-Tinoco Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Ernesto Castañeda conducts research on migration, urban issues, health disparities, vulnerable populations, and social movements. He compares immigrant integration and ethnic political mobilization in

  (202) 885-2412

Elizabeth Cohn Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Elizabeth Cohn is an Assistant Professor specializing in U.S. foreign policy and Latin America. Her research interests include the U.S. promotion of democracy and Latin America. She is also deeply

Ken Conca Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Ken Conca’s research and teaching focus on global environmental governance, environmental peacebuilding in war-torn societies, environmental politics and policy in the United Nations system, water

  (202) 885-6391

Elizabeth Cotter Assistant Professor CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Cotter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Studies at American University and the Director of the Behavioral Health and Well-Being Lab. She is a licensed psychologist w

  (202) 885-3703

Caroline Croft Diplomat in Residence

Caroline Croft is detailed from the Department of State and serves as the Diplomat in Residence at American University. Previously she served as the Director of Business Outreach, senior officer and p

  (202) 885-6310

Last name starts with D

Maria De Jesus Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Maria De Jesus brings to AU a wealth of research and teaching experiences in the area of health inequalities, a critical area of focus in interstate and transnational relations. Her research exami

Molly Dondero Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Molly Dondero is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. Her research focuses on how immigration, race/ethnicity, social class, and place contribute to population-level inequality in he

  (202) 885-1492

Frank DuBois Associate Professor KSB - Information Technology

Professor DuBois is Associate Professor of International Business and Chair of the International Business Department. His research focus is in global supply chain management, customs facilitation, cou

  (202) 885-1967

Last name starts with E

Todd Eisenstadt Professor SPA - Government

Professor Eisenstadt has worked on six continents, publishing multiple award-winning books and dozens of articles. He studies development with research that focuses on democratization and environmenta

  (202) 885-6493

Heather Elms Associate Professor KSB - International Business

Heather Elms, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of International Business at the Kogod School of Business, American University, Washington, DC. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in critical th

  (202) 885-1965

Noemi Enchautegui-de-Jesus Professorial Lecturer CAS - Psychology

Dr. Enchautegui-de-Jesus received her MA and PhD in Community Psychology from New York University. She was a postdoctoral fellow with the NIMH’s Family Research Consortium III at the University of Mic

  (202) 885-1773

Larry Engel Associate Professor SOC - School of Communication

With nearly 40 years of teaching and filmmaking, and 250 projects, his documentaries appear on PBS, the Discovery Channels, and National Geographic, among many other outlets. Awards include a Daytime

  (202) 885-2688

Daniel Esser Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Professor Esser is the 2019 Distinguished Service Awardee of the AAG's Asian Geography Specialty Group and the 2015 SIS Scholar-Teacher of the Year. The director of SIS's Olson Scholars program and a

  (202) 885-1892

Last name starts with F

Eileen Findlay Professor and Department Chair, Critical RGC Studies CAS - Critical RGC Studies

Eileen Findlay graduated from Oberlin College and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she held a Jacob Javits fellowship. Both her books, 'We Are Left Without a Father Here': Masculinity, Dome

  (202) 885-6264

Anthony Fontes Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Anthony W. Fontes, geographer and ethnographer, writes and teaches about violence, migration and forced displacement, transnational illicit economies, mass incarceration, and the politics of security

  (202) 885-6704

Scott Freeman Professorial Lecturer SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Scott Freeman is an anthropologist whose work is at the intersection of the anthropology of the environment, critical development studies, and the anthropology of labor in Haiti and the Dominican

  (202) 885-6685

Max Paul Friedman Interim Dean, CAS CAS - Dean's Office

Max Paul Friedman joined the History Department at American University in 2007 and holds an appointment as Professor of International Relations in the School of International Service. In July 2020, he

  (202) 885-2446

Last name starts with G

Carolyn Gallaher Senior Associate Dean SIS - School of International Service

I do research in two distinct areas—organized violence by non-state actors and urban politics In the first area, on which I have spent more time, I examine the politics, internal dynamics, and patter

William Gentile Journalist in Residence SOC - School of Communication

Bill Gentile is an independent, national Emmy Award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker teaching at American University (AU) in Washington, DC. His career spans four decades, five continents

  (202) 885-2663

Brett Gilbert Associate Professor KSB - Management

Dr. Gilbert is the inaugural Kogod Regional Innovation Chair and associate professor (with tenure). Her research spans economic geography, internationalization and performance streams of literature. C

Agustina Giraudy Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Professor Giraudy's book, Democrats and Autocrats (Oxford University Press, 2015), explores the multiple pathways towards subnational undemocratic regime continuity within democratized countries. A se

Louis Goodman Professor and Dean Emeritus, SIS SIS - School of International Service

Louis Goodman carries out research on social change and politics in Latin America and in Asia. His current research focuses on public goods, regional alliances and development. He has published widely

  (202) 885-1625

Garrett Graddy-Lovelace Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Garrett Graddy-Lovelace researches and teaches global environmental and agricultural policy and agrarian politics. A critical geographer, she draws upon political ecology and decolonial studies to res

Ludy Grandas Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Ludy Grandas’ research interests include issues of national identity in Latin America and in the Hispanic communities in the U.S. Her teaching interests include the Studies of Culture in Latin America

  (202) 885-2434

Sonya Grier Professor KSB - Marketing

Professor Grier is an interdisciplinary scholar with diverse expertise across private, government, and non-profit sectors. Her research examines marketplace topics related to race, with a focus on enh

  (202) 885-1971

Last name starts with H

Austin Hart Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Austin Hart is Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods and Coordinator of the Graduate Methods Program. He specializes in the study of political behavior as well as statistical and experimental re

  (202) 885-1640

Eric Hershberg Director, Center for Latin American and Latino Studies Center for Latin American/Latino Studies

Eric Hershberg is director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies and a professor of government at American University. From 2007-2009 he was President of the Latin American Studies Assoc

  (202) 885-6172

Last name starts with K

Deanna Kerrigan Adjunct Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Deanna Kerrigan is a Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Center on Health, Risk, and Society at American University. Her research focuses on social and structural factors affecting the

K. L. Knee Associate Professor CAS - Environmental Science

I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist whose research focuses on how human activities and land use (agriculture, oil and gas extraction, urbanization, etc) affect water quality. I am also i

  (202) 885-1093

Alan Kraut Distinguished Professor CAS - History

Alan M. Kraut is University Professor of History at American University and a non-resident fellow of the Migration Policy Institute. Specializing in immigration and ethnic history and the history of m

  (202) 885-2410

Last name starts with L

William LeoGrande Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs SPA - Government

Professor of Government and a specialist in Latin American politics and U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America, Professor LeoGrande has been a frequent adviser to government and private sector agenc

  (202) 885-6234

Last name starts with M

Christian Maisch Assistant Professor School of Prof and Extd Studies

Areas of Expertise: U.S. Foreign Policy, International Law & Organizations, Inter-American Diplomatic HistoryDr. Christian J. Maisch teaches in the School of Professional & Extended Studies. From the

  (202) 895-4928

Juliana Martinez Assistant Professor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Professor Martínez focuses on the intersection of violence and body politics in the Latin-American and US Latino context. Her two main areas of research are: representation of historical violence rece

  (202) 885-2586

Sarah Menke-Fish Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning SOC - School of Communication

Sarah Menke-Fish is a full-time professor of Film and Media Arts. She serves as Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning and Associate Director for the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. Menke-Fish l

  (202) 885-2098

Jeffrey Middents Associate Professor CAS - Literature

Jeffrey Middents studies and teaches film and world literature at American University in Washington, DC, specifically focusing on Latin American narratives from the 1960s to the present. He received h

  (202) 885-2979

Emily Morris Director of Intl Training and Education Program and Sr Professorial Lecturer SOE - School of Education

Dr. Emily (Markovich) Morris is a scholar and educator of comparative education and international development whose research explores questions of social justice and equity through formal and nonforma

  (202) 885-8218

Last name starts with O

Amy Oliver Associate Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Professor Oliver's teaching and research on Latin America explore philosophical topics such as marginality, feminism, nepantlismo, and transfronterismo. She works on the Hispanic essay of ideas and La

  (202) 885-2140

Last name starts with P

Randolph Persaud Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Randolph B. Persaud is Associate Professor of International Relations at American University in Washington D.C. He specializes in the areas of race and international relations, globalization, human se

Adrienne Pine Associate Professor CAS - Anthropology

Adrienne Pine is a militant medical anthropologist who has worked in Honduras, Mexico, Korea, the United States, Egypt, and Cuba. In her book, Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in

  (202) 885-1845

Jennifer Poole Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Professor Poole’s research and teaching interests fall at the intersection of international trade, labor economics, and development economics. With an emphasis on Brazil, her broad research agenda con

  (202) 885-6689

Arturo Porzecanski Hurst Sr Professorial Lecturer SIS - School of International Service

Professor Porzecanski, Distinguished Economist in Residence and Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer, is an expert in international finance, emerging markets and Latin American economics. He previously

Last name starts with S

Cathy Schneider Professor SIS - School of International Service

Cathy Lisa Schneider writes and teaches on urban politics, comparative social movements, collective violence, urban policing, criminal justice and racial and ethnic discrimination in Europe, the Unite

  (202) 885-1666

Robert Sicina Professorial Lecturer KSB - Management

Professor Sicina has 30 years of experience in senior executive positions at Citibank, American Express and various entrepreneurial endeavors. He worked for fourteen years in Latin America for Citiban

  (202) 885-1858

Last name starts with T

Matthew M. Taylor Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Professor Taylor's research and teaching interests include political risk, state capacity, crime and corruption, and Latin American political economy. He has lived and worked extensively in Brazil, bo

Amelia Tseng Assistant Professor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Amelia Tseng is Assistant Professor in World Languages and Cultures. Her research addresses how language shapes and is shaped by identity across immigrant generations in Latinx diasporic contexts,

Last name starts with V

Ximena Varela Director, Arts Management Program CAS - Performing Arts

Ximena Varela is a researcher, educator, and consultant with more than 25 years of experience in arts management curricular design (both on campus and online), museum management, international cultura

  (202) 885-3883

David Vazquez Associate Professor CAS - Literature

David J. Vázquez is Associate Professor of Literature and Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies. He teaches courses on comparative Latina/o/x literature, comparative ethnic American literature, c

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Vidal-Ortiz's scholarship cuts across racialization, sexuality, gender, migration and religion, and is interdisciplinary. He coedited two award winning books: The Sexuality of Migration, and Queer

  (202) 885-2443

Nuria Vilanova Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Núria Vilanova teaches Latin American Culture, Literature and Cinema. Her research is devoted to the impact of social change and migration on cultural production. She works on textual and cinematic na

  (202) 885-2393

Last name starts with W

Earl Anthony Wayne Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer and Distinguished Diplomat in Residence SIS - School of International Service

In addition to his role at AU, Wayne is a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Co-Chair of its Mexico Institute Advisory Board. He is a Senior Non-Resident

Brenda Werth Associate Professor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Brenda Werth’s research interests include Latin American theater, performance, documentary film, memory studies, human rights, gender, social movements, and translation. She teaches courses on Latin A

  (202) 885-1449

Last name starts with Y

Thespina Yamanis Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Thespina (Nina) Yamanis’ professional interests are in identifying the mechanisms that link social and structural conditions to health disparities and in designing community-based interventions to

  (202) 885-6562

Joseph Young Professor SPA - Justice, Law and Criminology

Professor Young's interests relate to the cross-national causes and consequences of political violence. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles across academic disciplines, including politica

  (202) 885-2618

Gay Young Department Chair, Sociology CAS - Sociology

(Gloria A.) Gay Young has a longstanding focus on gender and development (GAD) which has led her to study a range of issues, including the nature and consequences of women’s labor force participation

  (202) 885-2254