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AU Core Staff & Faculty

Photo of AU Core faculty talking with one another at round tables.

The AU Core Committee is charged by the Faculty Senate with the review, recommendation, and evaluation of all courses within the AU Core, and for activities related to the AU Core.

The AU Core Committee comprises all members of its Core Council and subcommittees. It is responsible for developing assessment timelines, processes, and guidelines for assessment of the curriculum, applying those assessments to review and approve new and continuing courses, determining transfer course articulations and other exceptions when needed, advising on other programmatic changes and faculty development as appropriate, and maintaining legacy issues pertaining to the General Education program that it replaced.

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AU Core Council

Chair: Cindy Bair Van Dam

Complex Problems

co-Chairs: Chuck Cox & Sarah Marsh

Creative-Aesthetic Inquiry Subcommittee

CHAIR: Jeff Middents

Cultural Inquiry Subcommittee

CHAIR: Ludy Grandas

Ethical Reasoning Subcommittee

CHAIR: Sarah Houser

Natural-Scientific Inquiry Subcommittee

CHAIR: Vikki Connaughton

Socio-Historical Inquiry Subcommittee

CHAIR: Olivia Ivey

Diversity & Equity Subcommittee

chair: TBD

Written Communication & Information Literacy Subcommittee

chair: Michael Clayton

Quantitative Literacy Subcommittee

Chair: Andrew Spath